Digital, social media, applications, videos... The list of new technologies and marketing opportunities for family firms to go 'digital' changes almost daily and is an area that can cause family firms some challenges.

Not least when the older generation abdicate responsibility for such technologies to the younger generations, who, whilst they certainly are more likely to have an understanding of how they work, and the skills to use them, they may not be the best placed in terms of conveying corporate messages and what the family firm wants to say in the public domain.

This is not going to change any time soon but there needs to be a 'meeting of minds' in order that the company values are fed into a considered communication strategy, and the generations need to come together to work out exactly what they want to say, and how they are going to go about saying it.

Essentially, the platforms are different to those of say, ten or twenty years ago, but just in the same way press releases used to be read and re-read before sending to the press, tweets and posts need to be carefully planned and checked before posting. 

You could say, that whilst it would appear that everything is different, in reality it is still the same, attention to detail, tone of voice and key messages remain as important today as they did in the past, it is just the delivery mechanisms that are different and the younger generation can certainly help to bridge the communications gap when it comes to the technology, but can benefit too from input from those around them,