For many family business owners the opportunity to take a step back and look at the business strategically is now always top of the agenda, especially when there are so  many items competing for time - and often time is the limiting factor. Juggling the growing needs of a business, legislative, HR, orders, finances and customer needs takes an enormous amount of time and it is not uncommon for those leading the business to be drawn into the working 'in the business' rather than 'on the business.'

Clearly, needs must and time needs to be spent getting the business up and running profitably for the long term, but from time to time taking a step back is no bad thing.

Where is the business going? Who are the disruptors in our sector?  What should we be thinking about?  Are we embracing digital sufficiently? What do the new laws mean for us?  Where do we need strategic input? etc

Stepping back and looking at things strategically can be a godsend but finding the time is key - it could be great for your family business too!