Communication is the core to addressing any vision or you; to your investors, shareholders, clients and your own team. The thing with communication, it clearly falls under two elements 1. Verbal - how you come across and the way you choose your words carefully, it has a profound influence of whether you win and what you get out of what your trying to convey. It's a catalyst to getting things done they way you want it done. 2. Written - creative writing isn't called creative writing for no reason, thought to paper is very difficult, and to master the art of writing you need to expand on your vocabulary to describe your message in absolute terms. Clarity is being able to define your message to the degree you require, for it to be understood. 

It often tends to be underestimated, choosing what to say or write and even how can be a big difference on whether you secure that investment you want or land that partnership your business desires. 

Choose your words carefully.