We spend a lot of time working with clients, whether they are executive teams, sales teams, family members, elite athletes or extreme adventurers. The one thing at the epicentre of our work is 'Decision-Making'.

Everything we do in our daily lives or when competing is about making a decision to action something. That decision can sometimes be right and sometimes be wrong. What we do is highlight where the biases are and then work out a strategy to eliminate it. This is especially important in some of the binary functions or environments that our clients find themselves in.

One of the most common biases that we find is STRESS. That could be stress at home or stress from competing or stress at work.

Stress will cause you to make bad decisions - both split second and long-term.

So how do you eliminate stress?

One of the ways is to look at your diet or what we call 'Gut Health'. The link to the article below will highlight some of the foods that will help reduce your stress. One of the main ingredients in these foods is magnesium. You leach magnesium when stressed. Eating food with magnesium, taking a supplement or even soaking in a bath of epsom salts all helps.

You may not know, but you also give off a 'stress scent' much like female pheromones are given off as a scent. So if you are stressed and in a meeting or with a team or group of people, they will pick up your stress. Do you want that?

If you are stressed, look at what is causing it and see if you can eliminate those stressors.