Being exposed to the notion and reality of entrepreneurship from an early age seems to be a factor in what makes some people choose to become entrepreneurs,

I run a course for Close Brothers Asset Management every year, called the Future Leaders Programme, where we open their minds and their eyes to the endless possibilities of entrepreneurship out there. We build their confidence and teach them the skills that are required. We bring in young entrepreneurs who are starting their new businesses. I wrote a piece on it - click here to read it.

We all know that most wealth does not last more than three generations. What we should all be doing is teaching the next generation how to make money, so that their wealth can be maintained or created. Dissipation of wealth is very rapid when it gets down to the cousins of the third generation and beyond and in most cases is not sustainable.

We are in an incredible era, where the young of today can literally lie in bed all day and make millions just from their laptop. 

The older generation (and that includes me) who grew up without the internet, had to get out of bed and go to work to make money.

The world has changed and is changing ever faster. We should all be embracing entrepreneurship, whether it is in a family business or outside it. Family  Governance and Family Constitutions should not been seen as fences that constrain them.

The opportunities are endless and history is being created in front of our very eyes with companies worth billions that were not in existence five years ago.