Corporate cultures can differ markedly, and the history of mergers is littered with the case study skeletons of companies that failed to successfully integrate their considerable differences into something new that actually worked.

A lot of the ingredients of culture are based on human behaviour. So when you try and get two established cultural behaviours to find a merged solution, then there can be difficulties.

It is a bit like two families coming together to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas. They have their unique way of doing things that work for them. Suddenly they have to celebrate with another family that do it differently, but that works for them also.

So it is about changing behaviour in a consensual way that works for all parties and is a winning success.

Too often we see corporate cultures or even departments within corporates that can be highly aggressive, power driven and competitive. Whereas other cultures can be quite passive, avoiding confrontation and always seeking approval. Interestingly the former can end up creating the latter within the same organisation. However, both have a lot to contribute and in many cases, I see the passive members, especially the passive female having the solution.

So there needs to be some thought and strategy into merging different teams and organisations in a way that works. Have you ever been able to define what your current culture is; how effective it is; what is causing the culture to be as it is and what is the ideal culture? 

How many of you reading this have ever seen a cultural audit, or what the culture of your organisation looks like?

You might be somewhat surprised and shocked. It might not be what you thought. However, then the bigger headache comes. 

Do you know or have had any experience of changing the culture to a winning culture?

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