We continue to see a lot of debate about the changing face of the High Street and the pressure being put on the independent retailers who actually help to maintain a degree of individuality to the High Streets around the country.

With many of these independent retailers family owned businesses there has to be increasing concern in property hot spots that these increases could quite easily be the 'straw that breaks the camels back' so to speak.

Costs are escalating, margins eroded and with more people shopping on line we are at risk of becoming a nation with High Streets dominated by coffee shops and estate agents.  The changes being introduced are meteoric in some Boroughs and could be the difference between survival and failure.

Independent retailers need support to help to keep the unique sense of British community in the High Street that everyone loves but if you happen to be a family firm in the wrong place, and now at the wrong time, the changes in rates could be devastating.  

As a nation we should be concerned at the impact these changes could have and the long term effect that they will have on the look of the High Street in generations to come.