This piece resonates well with the rationale that resulted in the rational behind the creation of Family Business United and the essence of the piece continues to irk, although I am delighted to say that over the past decade or so things have improved, but still have a long way to go.

  1. First and foremost, family firms are the backbone of most economies around the world.
  2. Family businesses provide millions jobs, income and support communities around the world
  3. Family businesses add stability in difficult times by focusing on the longer term
  4. Many next generation family business owners see themselves as 'custodians for the future generations.'
  5. Family firms are not all small

Family businesses the world over are remarkable in terms of the contribution they make and not only do they deserve more recognition for their endeavours, support is also needed to help address the issues unique to this great business model.

FBU is all about celebrating the sector, sharing best practice and giving a voice to the sector that undoubtedly contributes to national economies around the world, as referred to in the piece accounting for 70% of all Australia's businesses and delivering $4.3 trillion to the economy.

Family firms deserve all the recognition they can get and we for one will continue to give them a voice too!