University is tough, or so I am told. I wasn't convinced, but having spoken to a few recent graduates who now work in my team, they have reminded me of what it is like now to be a student with worries about money, as well as studies. So, I thought it might be helpful to share three top tips for looking after your personal finances while at university:

Set a budget, and stick to it

There are many apps out there that can help, but it is absolutely vital to make sure you stay on budget. I'm told many of our graduates' friends spent too much, too early, and regretted it at the end of each term.

Take advantage of the benefits available to students

If you want to watch Netflix, listen to Spotify or shop cheaply at Co-op, doing some research can help you get the best deals. Amazon Prime offers 6 months free, NUS extra provides discounts on shopping and entertainment online and on the high street, and you can even get student-tailored broadband contracts.

Shop around for the best bank accounts

Don’t settle for the account you have used through your earlier teenage years. A lot of money can be saved, or made, by students who search for the best deals on a regular basis. You can get upfront cash, better interest rates, interest-free overdrafts up to £3000 and much more.