Next generation members in family businesses need to make the right decisions for them and their future, and this may take them on a journey that is outside of the family business.  In due course, some next gen members acquire the necessary skills to return to the family firm but others follow their own paths and do not return.

This is a great insight from the CEO of Karlsberg Brauerei who is now the CEO of the family firm,  but he is the first to admit that at one time it looked like he may have taken a very different path.

One thing is clear - he wrote a paper on what he could do for the family firm - and it was this paper that helped to determine a plan.  Planning for the involvement of the next generation in the family business is critical, possibly more so now than in any previous generation given the rate of technological advancements, and here we see a great success story and one that was borne out of a clear plan that continues to evolve to this day.