Many family businesses the world over are philanthropic and in giving are doing so for a myriad of reasons.

In my opinion, the word philanthropy is often quoted, sometimes misunderstood, and in  m,any cases fails to understand the real 'driving force' behind the generosity.

In some cases advisers have taken over the word and it has become overtly commercial, driven by a business model and to that extent, is in danger in some instances, of diminishing the value of the giving in the first place.

For many family businesses, there are reasons associated with legacy, values, community involvement, securing a role for the next generation, loyalty and stakeholder cohesion behind their giving.

This insight puts the essence of philanthropy back on the agenda, where it is openly spoken about, and with family foundations another 'current' topic of discussion, highlights the motivations of families, and in many cases, their desired outcomes from their philanthropic endeavours.

Altruistic or not, family businesses and their generosity have a significant impact globally and this needs to be recognised and celebrated at the same time.

A great article.