The talk about engaging staff with their pensions generally tends to focus on the young; those joining the workforce and in their twenties.

But this generation has an advantage over those in their thirties and forties - time. If we engage these people they will have maybe 40-50 years of pension (and other) savings before they start drawing on their pension.

As the research in this article suggests, there are some people who really need to be engaged with their pension and retirement planning and more urgently than those in their twenties: employees who are in their thirties and forties who won't have enough in their defined contribution pensions to support a financially secure retirement.

There are many employees in the UK who have no defined benefit pension to rely on and who didn't start saving into a defined contribution pension until they were auto-enrolled. There are many who are only contributing the minimum to their pension and for whom it is likely to be insufficient to support a secure retirement. 

For those in their thirties, forties and even early fifties, there is still some time to do something about it, but they will need help.

More and more companies are now looking at really engaging their staff with their defined contribution pension. Using financial education, pension and retirement income modellers, seminars and clinics to help staff see the choices they have and the difference that even small changes to their pension savings and investments can make over time. 

This approach will help those employees to make the most of their pension and other savings and help to put themselves in a better position when they come to retire.